DaVinci Resolve plugins list – Audio/Video (Free & Commercial)


DaVinci Resolve Plugins

(At first, if you haven’t downloaded DaVinci software yet, you’d can get latest version from: official website . Note, there are two versions: Free and Studio)

(incomplete list + OpenFX plugins)

<Free> <Commercial> comments (my subjective rating, out of 10)
Store (toolfarm.com) Commercial (over 100 plugins)
borisfx.com Commercial (over 250 effects)
DigitalAnarchy tools
(choose for DaVinci)
False Color plugin Commercial
NeatVideo.com plugins Commercial
FilmConvert.com ofx Commercial
Vision-color.com Commercial
RevisionFX software Commercial
(fast CinemaDNG compressor)
RedGiant.com tools Commercial
OpenFX-io Free
OpenFX arena Free
HitFilm Ignite-pro Commercial (over 150 plugins)
Foundry.com tools Commercial (check if compatible for DaVinci)
MotionVFX.com tools Commercial (check compatibility!
several examples)
NewBlueFx.com tools Commercial
DigitalRebellion.com tools Commercial (althought not stated, DaVinci is supported. Ask them for details)
XritePhoto.com tools Commercial
DataColor SpyderChecker Commercial
CineForm Raw plugin Free
Donations accepted
easyDCP (create un|encrypted DCPs ) Commercial
DigitalFilmTools.com programs Commercial (see programs under “Products”)
InvertColorNegatives Free
OFX plugins by devernay Free (over 100 plugins, read notes for DaVinci in the bottom)
devernay.free.fr OFX plugins Free

== Audio Plugins ==

Here is a list of VST AUDIO plugins. (Note, Resolve only uses VST2 plugins and you need the 64bit versions, placed mostly in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins)



p.s. If you think something is missing from here, feel free to comment!

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