Add Multi-color Text (Sony/MAGIX Vegas)

Insert different-coloured text (in Magix Vegas)

colored text in Magix Vegas

Many of users need to insert multi-colour text, however unfortunately, into single Text media object you cant insert different coloured text. I don’t know why  Dev.Team didn’t noticed this simple thing and they haven’t yet to be solved, so we don’t have that availability till date. As a temporary workaround,  there could exist several methods, but the following 2 methods are most realistic:


Method 1 (harder)

With METHOD 1, you have to create separate Text Media elements for each different-coloured phrase.  Lets say, you add the first part of text and choose it’s colour. Then, in the timeline, you should add a new video track , above the current track. To do this, right click  on the left part of timeline, and click Insert Video Track, like on this image:

and then insert another Text Media element (exactly above your existing text ), and make its colour different, and position it as you need (with “PAN/CROP” tool).



Method 2 (flexible)

More advanced and flexible way is to use the special tool:  Open Media Generators tab and insert ProType Filter.

That will give you an ability to add text (in black rectangle) and make it multi-colour.  You select each phrase, then go to Style tab in that window, and choose Fill color as you like. Hope, that is a workaround for your problem.



Method 3 (unkown)

Another way could be to search for plugins/addons which add that feature into Vegas. However, you might try Google for that.


p.s. If you know better solution for recent Vegas versions, please comment.

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