Remove (exit) “SmartImage” on Philips Monitor

screen, that shows the message

Disable SmartImage screen

Some of you might have Philips branded TV, Monitor or any kind of display. Sometimes, when the monitor is not configured properly, or you (or your family member) accidentally clicks any of buttons on monitor and configuration messes up, then it might show some kind of messages, like : Press SmartImage key for 8 seconds to exit demo

To remove that message, the instruction is simple:  Find out the  SmartImage Key/Button – it should be (in most cases) the last left button in the row of buttons. You should click that button for about 10 (or more) seconds to exit the mode.

You can watch the video too:

(This solution applies to the following Philips models: Brilliance, SoftBlue, QHD, Moda-Slim, SmartControl or etc..)

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