SymLink – real mirror of file/folder (better than Shortcut)

SymLink –  Best & Alternative solution to Shortcuts

 (Windows 10,8,7, Linux, Ubuntu…)

Probably, many of developers (either C#PHP or anything…) have used same files (their “library files”) to build different projects.  However, in most cases, do you copy-paste your library file in multiple projects? If so, when you want to update something in your library, then you have to update all copies of your library-file across all project ?!

The best way is to create a mirror of file, called symlink. It’s like a shortcut, but symlink is treated as the real  file (as opposed to regular SHORTCUT of file).  So, when you update symlink-file, it updates all it’s symlinked mirror-files!

How to create symlinks

Instead of manually executing terminal commands, you can use  one from this open-source scripts:

A) Symlink-Creator.bat – Instruction is simple:  Drag & drop file/folder (you can drag multiple items) onto that file and input the TARGET location. That’s all ( if you see “insufficient privileges” error, at first apply this fix ) Note: you should symlink each file using that command ! COPY & PASTE the symlinked file doesn’t create symlinks!


B) You can use a better, feature-rich GUI app , with ability of “Smart-copy” (to avoid the above “red-noted” issue)

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