Ticks (amount) or UpTicks/DownTicks indicator ( ThinkOrSwim )

Ticks & UpTicks/DownTicks indicator (ThinkScript)

Here is a think-script for ThinkOrSwim, that does 2 different things, according to what you choose in the option:

  • Show Ticks (whole amount) per baror
  • Show UpTick & DownTick amount per bar.

Calculation of UpTicks/DownTicks

Note, TICKS data (whole ticks per bar) is available with TOS scripting, however, if choose up&down ticks, then (unlike in other sophisticated platforms, where the UPTICKS/DOWNTICKS data are natively accessed through scripting), in TOS it’s not yet available. So, i.e. if on the bar there was 25 ticks (in whole) the UpTicks/DonwTicks calculation is made depending on bar trajectory, and it might show up like:  17/8   or  15/10 (or whatever is an approximate estimation from whole 25 ticks, depending on bar movement).  Who is well-versed, can see the code how it’s calculated. So, to conclude, if you want 100% exact Up&Down ticks data, then it’s not possible (as I said) with ThinkOrSwim scripting yet (2019).



Download and import Ticks/Up&Down indicator into your platform.

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