Video Editor Software (Free + Commercial) +

below is my short list, but to view FULL LIST of software, visit and choose VIDEO EDITORS advanced/NoLinears category.


COMMERCIAL (with trial versions) 

50$ Pinnacle Studio
80$ + Sony Vegas .
50$ Serif MoviePlus (Seems good, like a “Cheap” Sony vegas alternative) “Serif movieplus x6 v8.0.0.14”
(x5 portable )
20$/month Adobe Premiere
60$+ PowerDirector (CyberLink)
400$ Edius PRO
50$ Edit STUDIO 6
100$ COREL VIDEO studio


Free Versions

FREE OpenSHot seems good one
FREE LightsWorks (A bit hard for me)
FREE+PRO DaVInci Resolve (BlackMagicDesign) (free is a bit limited. Here are audio plugins)
FREE Fusion (BlackMagicDesign) – for effects
FREE+PRO nch VideoPad (free is a bit limited)
FREE Shotcut a bit harder than nch VideoPad(*check to display timelines and etc…)
FREE natron software mainly for Video Effects, not a normal linear editing tool ..
FREE blender a bit harder than nch VideoPad (See tutorials)


Media Converters (JOINERS/CUTTERS)

My best one is, it almost converts ANY MEDIA TYPE(it has DIRECT STREAM COPY) + it has TOOLS(trim,join,mux..)!!!!!!!!!

p.s. however, if you want, there are many similar tools (encoders/converter): AvideMux(trim+join), HandBrake, Bigasoft converter, icecream converter, anysoft converter, FreemakeVideoConverter(trim+join), idealshare , AVS-Video-ReMaker(has direct stream copy)

================= USELESS ============

ZS4 (Zvei-Stein) limited functions, MP4 cant be opened… very poor editor
ivsedit MP4 not supported
windows movie maker Forget it….
VSCD video editor very poor, hard,limited, not TIMELINES for cutting parts… FORGET IT
Wondershare Filmora I think, it’s very poor and not user-friendly, very limited
JahShaka No separate timelines for AUDIO/VIDEO, no TRIM..
Movica Cant open it…
Machete Cant open MP4
Kate video toolkit Cant open MP4




Small History about above apps

Well, during last few years, I had to work with video-editor programs, and have tested many different applications, almost all that were available on net by the time. For the reason, that I had quite specific and custom task and was searching for exact software, which will comply with all my requirements, I have quite exhausted, while I was looking for different software endlessly. However, finally, I’ve got several nice software, that does what I wanted… I have some of NLE programs to produce the video (while compiling), and have some software, to trim/cut out parts without re-encoding (AviDemux and Cute video editor does the excellent job, which even Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony/Magix Vegas Pro and other giant softwares are unable to perform).
So, you can also try out them. Think about it once again – maybe there are times you just want to trim out the parts without re-encoding? If yes, then try the apps mentioned, they are free and worth to try.

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