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File Recovery Programs (Free)

In Google, you can find a huge list of file-recovery programs. You can even target the desired type, i.e. “damaged partition recovery” or like that… However, with by observation, most of them use the same method to recover files, and I’ve chosen several specific software, that I use solely. However, I will just list all of programs I’ve tested personally.

Firstly, I’ll list non-useful (typical) programs:


Free Versions for Recovery (Useful apps):



## Supports damaged USB disk recovery:

  • mUSBfixer: good for USB Drive fixing
  • Bootice: Fix parititon Boot/MBR
  • USB Disk Storage Format Tool : (pro version can also format unrecognized USB disks)
  • Usb Repair : Free version checks, but Pro version($2) repairs.
  • SDformatter (for Microsd, SDD, SHD and etc..)
  • Company specific Software (i.e. Format Utility for Kingsoft, Transcend, etc….)

COMMERCIAL/PRICED Versions (with Free trials):

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