clickbank Thank-You “Download” Protector

Download (+”ThankYou page”) Protector

About the Software: “Thank You” Page – It’s a page, where customers go after successfull purchase. On that page, Sellers (i.e. Clickbank Vendors) deliver a digital product to purchasers (such as pdf files, audio-video lectures, software, zip files, images, membership levels or whatever they have purchased).

People may ask – why they need to guard the “Thank you” page ?

In general, those pages are not guarded. 1) For example, after a typical purchase, your client goes to, but these urls can be shared in public, and other people can access+download your product without permission. 2) Another problem – in case your page (i.e. is non-guarded and listed in Google, then people might find that page in Google… So, This software ensures sellers to prevent unauthorized access to their “THANK Y0U” page .

Even if a purchaser shares your product’s “THANK Y0U” url, that url cant be accessed by someone else – the program has a special function, which prevents people from unauthorized access to the page, because the links are only accessible once by real purcahsers. So, who needs to protect their products (or etc) from theft (pirate downloads), then this software may help. (NOTICE: Of course, this software cant guarantee you that your purchasers wont share the downloaded files directly in the Internet

CB protector


No Special HTML knowledge is required – the program has an user-friendly interface, where you upload your desired files, and then generate a special URL, which will be set as your product’s “ThankYou page” (inside your Clickbank Dashboard, on Product Settings page). You dont have to digg into codes and files. You can fill your key, set fields, update information, integrate email responders (aweber, mailchimp .. ) and thus, you not only protect Clickbank download page from theft, but also purchasers’ mails will be subscribed into your mail list.


(Before purchasing, you can see DEMO version partially. )

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Before you buy, download and install a Test Version of the program on your website and test it to ensure, that it works on your site. Otherwise, we dont get complaints or make refunds after purchase.

If you already ensured and want to purchase the software, click the button below.

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Can be installed as a WordPress plugin

In those pages, direct file links (“zip,docx,pdf…” any file!) can be replaced with protected expirable links. Just add phraze ?protected in URL ( like on this image).
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