Profile: Toma Todua

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== Profiles / Freelancing ==

== Web & Desktop Programming==

  • Web and Desktop Apps
  • Code/Project Development: C# | JS | PHP (&etc)
  • Recent fun & personal projects:

Trading Platform Programming 

Specialized in several platforms:

  • NinjaTrader  (approved specialist in NinjaTrader Vendors): 


  • TradeStation (approved specialist in TradeStation DevCenter):   
  • MetaTrader
  • ThinkOrSwim
  • Interactive Brokers
  • MultiCharts
  • TradingView
  • FXCM
  • VertexFX
  • Tradovate
  • …  additional experience with other platforms too and API programming.

== Coding & Security==

== Different fields ==

  •  Android Programming (Profile: @GooglePlayStore )
  •   Browser (Chrome, Opera …) Extensions coding (Profile @GoogleExtensions )
  •     Visual Studio Code Extensions coding (Profile: @VsExtensions)
  • Microsoft Office Extension coding ( 1; 2; )
  • etc … (many kind of desktop software extensions & plugins)

MyWorkSpace | Tools 

    • Development:
      Visual Studio Code (IDE)
      Notepad++ (for simple purposes)
      WampServer (Local server)
      TortoiseGit - BitBucket (for versioning/backup of projects)
      TextCrawler (for searching inside files)
      WinScp / FileZilla (sFTP client)
      7zip (free archiver)
      VirtualBox with Win7 (for testing suspicious files)
      Avg + Virustotal Uploader (for file checking & AntVirus)
      Mozilla ThunderBird (all-in-one Email client)
      LastPass (Simplify your life – forget your passwords …)
      Authy (for 2-factor password authentication: Android + Windows; Absolutely preferred over Google Authenticator)
      WinMerge (for comparison)
      PostMan (with interceptor) (for web-request testings)
      Symlink Creator (for file-mirroring in my Windows across multiple projects)
      SnapTimer – Reminds to take 10-second stretch & eye relax every 5 minutes.
      – 4T tray minimizer – make applications compact into tray.
      … many other everyday tools
    • Services:
      Google‘s many services (Chrome, mail, drive, calendar …)
      WordPress (for websites)
      BitBucket (for project versioning) + GitHub (for Public projects) (for automatic submission from git to website sFTP )
      – I use unmanaged VPS DigitalOcean (and another service for managing it, like ServerPilot/Ploi/Runcloud..). However, i don’t anyone recommend to go withunamanaged vps, unless proficient.
      StackExchange – learn related to specialties.
      – …other sites// others
      MyBible (for android/iphone).