Drawings Copier (duplicator) to another chart

Copy TrendLine, Horizontal/Vertical Line, Text-Label to other chart …

This indicator duplicates objects from one chart to another. 

Let’s say, you plot Rectangle (see all transferable drawing-elements list below) on higher Timeframe chart (like 1 hour or 1 day) and you want to automatically transfer & replicate that drawing-object onto another chart, like this screenshot:

Then Drawing Objects Duplicator does that job!

Note: The list of available elements  (that are “transferable”) varies platform-by-platform.

  • NinjaTrader 

    ( Includes: All Available Drawing Objects)
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  • TradeStation 

    ( Includes: Ellipse, HorizontalLine, Rectangle, TextLabel, TrendLine, VerticalLine )
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Usage of indicator

After you import indicator, it will be named “_DrawingObjectsDuplicator“. Apply that indicator to your primary chart, and in indicator options, set the mode to SENDER. Then apply same indicator to other chart (where you want to draw duplications ) and set the mode to RECEIVER.  Now, on your primary chart, draw the desired Drawing-Element, and you will see the element duplicated on the RECEIVER chart.

Available Options:


  • Mode (either SENDER or RECEIVER)
  • Synchronization frequency ( 5 seconds is optimal )
  • List of desired elements to be replicated (you choose which elements you want to copy, i.e. TrendLine, Rectangle, Text or etc.. )
  • There is also an additional useful option named UNIQUE ID. You can leave that as is, but you can change that too. So, that SENDER and RECEIVER, which has the same ID, they will be in synchronization, not interfering with other  synchronizations with other ID.


If you experience issues, contact us.

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