NinjaTrader (NinjaScript) Programmer

Ninjatrader Coder

We develop and customize scripts (indicators, strategies or etc…) for NinjaTrader and deliver custom programming tasks. If you want to modify or build an indicator or strategy , we can help almost in any type of task. We can also update, modify or convert existing NinjaScript files too (for example, migrating from version 7 to version 8) or convert from another platform.

While making an order, please include as many details about the task as possible. You can use Contact Us page or contact directly our qualified programmer:

Name: Toma Todua
Skype: same as email
Location: Georgia (Eastern Europe)
Phone: (+995) 598 750742

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3 thoughts on “NinjaTrader (NinjaScript) Programmer

  1. NinjaTrader Group, LLC provides very flexible and functional trading software and brokerage services, provides discount commissions and high-class support, with a dedicated support forum.

    NinjaTrader is very suited for traders interested in the forex, futures and stock markets.

    NinjaTrader Free version includes market analytics, flexible and customizable charting, strategy and indicators development (a.k.a. NinjaScript Editor), backtesting,optimization and trade simulation. People, who need to execute real orders, can lease the program on a monthly basis or buy a lifetime license. You can trade the futures and forex markets live using NinjaTrader Brokerage, also you can choose many supported brokerage services: NT Continuum; NT Rithmic; Interactive Brokers; FXCM; CQG; TD Ameritrade; and etc.. It comes with free End-Of-Day data feed, however you can connect to: eSignal; Google and yahoo Finance; IQFeed; Metastock; TradeStation; and etc..

    About Ninjascript programming

    NinjaScript is a coding language of NT. In NinjaScript Editor Window we can manually build and test the scripts (strategies or indicators). As we are experienced in coding and development of scripts for Trading Platforms, you can contact our NinjaTrader programmer to get an assistance and order custom coding.  Also, note that many people had version 7, and after that, new version 8 has came, which is quite different language, and all scripts need to be rewritten for version 8.

  2. I have use nt8 for trading furtures, but i found nt8 don’t have my favourtie indicator, i need to add adx, macd, ma with mine own data in nt8 ,but i don’t know write the indicator, and i don’t know how to apply nt8 indicator licnese , so , could you help me to do this.

    looking for your reply


  3. I am using NinjaTrader and I also have Ablesys indicators that I would like to somehow be able to get alerts for when the right crteria hit and not sure if this is doable or what it would cost. I am hoping you could help me.

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