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Are you looking for a Thinkscript coder?  You have visited the correct place. My Team (headed by T.Todua) do programming and coding of Indicators and Strategies for ThinkScript, which contains different types of scripts (for Charts,  Custom Column – Scans, Alerts and etc..). So, if you need a Thinkorswim programmer, then you contact us.  Please, don’t forget to send all details related to your task, better to be written in a Text document. Terms are negotiable. Each task will be individually reviewed, and you will be given the final quote.


Name: Toma Todua
Skype: same as email
Location: Georgia (Eastern Europe)
Phone: (+995) 598 750742

10 thoughts on “ThinkOrSwim (ThinkScript) Programmer

    1. Hello.

      If any indicator’s source in TOS (i.e. ZigZag) is protected and not viewable in TOS editor, the I cant’ reverse-engineer.

      I can find & build something like that, but not exactly 100% that (if i cant find out the exact logic).

  1. Presently thinkorswim allows me to display on balance volume indicator. I would like to display the OBV and a exponential moving average overlaid over it. Can you tell me the fee for your work?
    Anthony Vallone

  2. Hi,
    I would like you to develop custom scanner for TOS platform using certain criteria on my ‘modified chart’ (which I can show you when you are ready)

    Example (this should be customizable parameters)
    Show stocks where closing price is above 25
    and Stochastic on ‘daily’ chart at 20 and crossing above
    and ‘modified MACD’ on ‘3-day’ chart is starting angling up (from down position.

    I can show you more detail on my modified TOS platform using TeamViewer.

    If this can be done, please give me quote first.


  3. hi can i get thinkorswim scripts for TRADE THE RANGE set up and impulse pullback 6ema cross 18ema . thanks for you help

  4. About ThinkOrSwim
     (TD Ameritrade – Online Stock Trading, Investing, Online Broker)
    Thinkorswim® is an innovative trading platform, which offers different opportunities to traders.
    === A short brief ===
    Thinkorswim – a modern and adaptive platform. Brings you the new trading experience, offered by TDAmeritrade) . It helps you to be on the top of the market, with many essential tools and resources, as you are will be able to trade from your desktop, with an user-friendly interface and easy navigation panel. Modern look & feel, adjusted for customers. It can send notifications to your mobile phone, it supports many chat rooms, where you can have a chat with other traders and support center. You can read their magazine, which gives traders some tips and advises. It is easy to open account with TD Ameritrade, which also offers you some cashbacks while opening the account. With TOS, traders keep connected to trading world.

    About ThinkScript programming
    ThinkScript is a coding language of TOS, so ThinkScript Editor Window gives us ability to create, test and modify the scripts (indicators, strategies, custom-columns, alerts, scans …).  There is also an integrated help-sidebar, which gives you definition of functions and reversed words.  TOS offers you a wide range of built-in indicators and strategies, so you can test them easily. In case you need to customize or build a new script, you can also order a custom-coding service, like us.

  5. I need a existing TOS indicator ( Stochastic Momentum Index ) modified to :
    1. Generate a alarm at every cross-over. Alarm to be both visual ( flashing screen. Manual turn off.) and audio ( beeping for XX time )
    2. If there is a trade attached then EXIT the trade.

    Awaiting your reply.

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